Cross-platform development in Visual Studio 2017

If you have been using Visual Studio 2015 to do cross-platform app development, you might want to switch to the latest version, update XCode on your Mac and so on. If you do, you're in for a lot of fun.

Start by looking at this thread on GitHub:

TL:DR? VS2017 and XCode 8.3 don't play nicely together. The standard library makes a call to PackageApplication, which used to be deprecated and is now removed altogether, so your iOS build will fail, and you need to do a bit more.

Thanks to Adavo on that thread for these instructions:

install latest version on windows : npm install -g cordova
configure VS to use cordova 7.0.0 (on config.xml, in the platforms tab. If you don't see it, just change taco.json to 7.0.0)
install latest cordova on mac : npm install -g cordova
install on mac the latest version of ios-deploy : npm install ios-deploy
remove the folder ~/.taco-home/node_modules/
install the latest remotebuild on mac : npm install remotebuild (it should be 2.1.3).

And if you do all that, you'll be in a position to do just what you could before you started.